Wrist Arthroscopy - Master Course

2020, February 28 - 29


  • To cover a broad spectrum of surgical procedures in arthroscopic surgery
  • To provide indications for surgical treatment and discuss operative complications
  • To highlight technicalities of surgical interventions through the broadcasting of videos
  • To allow discussion between the experts and the surgeon trainees
  • To provide hands-on sessions to improve skills in arthroscopic surgery through practice on live tissue under experts' tutorials
  • To describe postoperative clinical results and practical applications of evidence-based clinical medicine.


P. Liverneaux (F.)


C. Mathoulin (F), M. Levadoux (F), J.M. Cognet (F)

M. Arianni (I.), P. Arrigoni (I.), A. Atzei (I.), A. Badia (USA.), N. Badur (CH.), E.M. Baur (D.), S. Berner (USA.), A.K.M. Bhat (IND.), N. Borisch (D.), J. Branco (P.), N. Buschmeier (D.), M. Calcagni (CH.), M. Caloia (BR.), C. Camps (F.), E. Camus (F.), M. Carozzo (I.), A. Chin (SGP.), G. Clembosky (ARG.), T. Cobb (USA.), H. Coert (NL.), G. Cohen (F.), J. Compson (UK.), F. Corella (SP.), F. Da Rin (I.), P. Delgado (SP.), P. Del Pinal (SP.), L. De Smet (B.), P. Desmoineaux (F.) C. Dumontier (F.), A. Durand (F.), J. Ecker (AUS.), M. Esplugas (S. ), M. Etzner (SWE.), S. Facca (F.), D. Fernandez (CH.), D. Fontes (F.), R. French (C.), M. Garcia-Elias (SP.), J. Garret (F.), A. Gay (F.), W. Geissler (USA.), A. Ghezzi (I.), T. Giesen (CH.), I. Golubev (R.), J. Goubau (B.), M. Gras, (F.), P. Grieve (IR.), M. Haerle (D.), J.R. Haugsvedt (N.), G. Herzberg (F.), P.C. Ho (HK.), M. Hoegele (D.), U. Hug (CH.), A. Ikram (SAF.), S. Jiang (CHI.), P. Jorgsholm (DK.), D. Karadaglis (UK.), R. Kebrle (CZ.), H. Krimmer (D.), D. Kumar Jain (IND.), M. Langer (D.), F. Lebailly (F.), G. Leblebicioglu (T.), C. Leclercq (F.), T. Lindau (UK.), B. Liu (CHI.), A. Lluch (SP.), R. Luchetti (I.), M. Mak (HK.), G. Mantovani (BR.), O. Mares (F.), X. Martinache (F.), M. Massarella (I.), L. Merlini (F.), J. Messina (I.), J. Mota Da Costa (P.), A. Murato (BR.), T. Nakamura (J.), F. Nienstedt (D.), P. Nowicki (PL.), M. Obdeijn (NED.), K. Oestreich (D.), I.B. Özcelik (T.), M. Phillips (UK.), K.-J. Prommersberger (D.), R. Rahimtoola (UK.), M. Rawlins (FIN.), M. Richter (D.), I. Rigo (N.), C. Rizzo (F.), M. Rongières (F.), M. Rosenwasser (USA.), P. Roure (F.), P. Samson (F.), N. Schmelzer-Schmied (CH.), A. Sgarbossa (I.), T. Shih (TW.), D. Slutsky (USA.), A. Smit (SAF.), N. Smith (AUS.), F. Suarez (COL.), C. Taleb (F.), A. Tandara (D.), W.L. Tse (HK.), H.G. Tunnerhoff (D.), P. Van Hoonacker (B.), M. Van Nuffel (B.), L. Van Overstraeten (B.), H. Vanransbeek (B.), J. Van Schoonhoven (D.), A. Wahegaonkar (IND.), A. Wallmon (SWE)., D. Warwick (UK.), M. Wells (SAF.), T. Whipple (USA.), W.Y. Wong (HK.), W. Xu (CHI.), Y. D. Yaniv (ISR.), D. Yanni (UK.), J. Yao (CHI.), A. Zach (D.),  A. Zemirline (F), J. Zhu (CHI.).


Prior attendance to the Basic Course and/or to the Advanced Course


8.00 Am
Registration and welcoming of participants

8.30 Am
Lecture Session 1
× Anatomy applied to reconstructive surgery for TFCC
× Techniques for TFCC foveal fixation
× Techniques for TFC reconstruction with tendon grafts

9.45 Am
Practical Session 1
× Foveal fixation / Tendon reconstruction

12.30 Pm
Lunch at the Institute

1.30 Pm
Lecture Session 2
× SL dynamic : pre-dynamic instability - Arthroscopic options
× Reconstruction of SL / Aita’s technique / Ho’s technique / Arthroscopic spiral tenodesis

2.30 Pm
Practical Session 2
× SL reparation / Reconstruction

6.00 Pm
End of session

8.00 Pm
Dinner in honor of faculty members and participants


8.00 Am
Evaluation of the previous day

8.30 Am
Lecture Session 3
× Scaphoid nonunion
× Partial wrist fusion

9.00 Am
Practical Session 3
× Scaphoid nonunion / Partial fusion

12.30 Pm
Lunch at the Institute

1.30 Pm
Lecture Session 4
× STT resection with/without spacer
× CMC 1 arthroscopy - shrinkage, synovectomy, partial resection
× New Trends and latest techniques on wrist arthroscopy

2.30 Pm
Practical Session 4
× STT and CMC 1 Arthroscopy and procedures / New techniques

4.30 Pm
End of course
Delivery of certificates of attendance
Program may be subject to modifications