Wrist Surgery Course

2021, December 10 - 11
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M. Haerle (DE)


E.M. Baur (DE), B. Bickert (DE), N. Buschmeier (DE), H. Bürger (AT), F. Deneken (DE), M. Esplugas (SP), M. Garcia Elias (SP), J. Haugstvedt (NO), V. Hentz (UK), W. Hintringer (AT), S. Krieger (DE), H. Krimmer (DE), F. Lampert (DE), M. Langer (DE), S. Odella (IT), S. Pfanner (IT), R. Rath (DE), K. Rudolf( DE), N. Schmelzer-Schmied (CH), A. Sgarbossa (IT), D. Smarrelli (IT), P. Van Hoonacker (BE), J. Van Schoonhoven (DE), A. Zach (DE), H. Zajonc (DE)


8.00 Am
Registration and welcoming of participants

8.20 Am

8.30 Am
× Scaphoid anatomy and ligaments attached
× Diagnostics and classifications
× Classification of proximal pole fractures
× Mechanical stability versus biological healing

9.15 Am
Scaphoid Fractures
× Percutaneous and open Herbert screw
× Arthroscopic reduction and Percutaneous screw

Scaphoid Non Union
× Open resection and bone graft
× Anterolateral approach and radius graft
× Plating the scaphoid?
× Open resection and palmar PVG
× Open resection and dorsal PVG
× Open resection and free vascularized graft
× Arthroscopic resection and bone graft
× Is bone graft always necessary?

Necrotic proximal pole
× Costal cartilage replacement
× Hamate Tip replacement
× Free vascularized graft
× Indications for removal of portions of the scaphoid

12.30 Pm
Lunch at the Institute

1.30 Pm
SL Ligament Lesions
× Scaphoid Fractures and SL lesions never come together?
× SL repair: Open treatment
× SL repair: Arthroscopic treatment
× SL reconstruction: Open techniques
× SL reconstruction: Arthroscopic techniques

3.00 Pm
× Wrist Arthrodesis
× Wrist denervation
× Four Corner fusion vs. PRC
× Arthroscopic partial wrist fusion
× Radio-lunate fusion
× ScaphoCapitate fusion
× RL and Radio-scapho-lunate fusion
× Arthroscopic resection arthroplasties

5.00 Pm
End of session

8.00 Pm
Dinner in honor of faculty members and participants (TBC)


8.00 Am
Welcoming of participants

8.30 Am
Workshop I Arthroscopy
× TFCC - peripheral suture
× TFCC - transosseous anchor
× Debridement and Wafer techniques
× SL Capsulodesis

Workshop II Open Wrist Surgery
× Closed scaphoid reduction and screwing
× Open scaphoid reduction and Palmar vascularized graft
× Open scaphoid reduction and plating
× SL reconstruction: Open techniques
× RSL Fusion

9.15 Am
Practical sessions on anatomical specimens

12.30 Pm
Lunch at the Institute

1.30 Pm
Workshop I Arthroscopy
× Arthroscopy in Scaphoid fractures
× Arthroscopic Four Corner fusion
× Arthroscopic resection arthroplasties

Workshop II Open Wrist Surgery
× Hamate Tip replacement
× Four Corner fusion
× Cap Flex PIP
× Wrist Fusion

2.00 Pm
Practical sessions on anatomical specimens

5.00 Pm
End of the course and delivery of certificates of attendance
Programme may be subject to modifications